Buying a house


Buying a house is fun and exciting! But also, complicated. There is much to see and it involves a lot of money. You will be dealing with issues such as the structural condition of the house, financing and transfer. And of course, you want the property to meet all your needs! We help you expertly through this purchase process. Down below we give you an idea of what to expect when buying a home.


Step 1.  Mapping your wishes

Maybe you already have a specific home in mind, but maybe not. Think about your ideal home: where should it be? Is it a house, apartment or bungalow? How many bedrooms? Is the neighbourhood important? How far the roads may be and you may want schools near your new home? Together we identify your needs.

Step 2. Determine your budget

Before we search for a suitable home, it is useful to know what amount you can borrow. Determine how much you want to spend on the mortgage each month and then calculate the mortgage amount. We are happy to assist you. You can also make a rough calculation yourself online. A handy tool for this website provides the computing

Step 3. House hunting

Now it is clear what you want and what price range you are looking for, we can go house hunting now. Houses & Rooms will prepare a list of vacant properties. It is wise to make a tour along these houses, even if you are not enthusiastic of the picture; often live situation quite different from the picture or display. You can also start looking on the internet. There are several sites with a wide variety range of properties such as and offering a total package.

Our brokers are aware of developments in the housing market and know many properties. Ask them for advice.

Step 4. Visiting the property

Have you found a nice house? We will arrange an appointment to view the house. Of course, your real estate agent will come with you. He looks with a professional and objective look at the property, he knows where to look and can give you good advice. Also on the structural condition of the house. Would you like look twice later? No problem, we just make a second appointment!

Step 5. Building Technology Research

In many older properties, it is sometimes wise to do an architectural study. That is after you do a offer, but also before that. If we look together at many assets of the home, we can conclude that we should continue our research. A structural inspection is carried out by an independent inspector of an architectural consultancy firm or a reputable local contractor or by the Association of property. Houses & Rooms can arrange that for you. The investigation may also be conducted later.

Step 6. Make a bid

Your broker is a good negotiator. He will advise you on the release of the first bid. Which is usually below the asking price; the seller will indeed aim higher to have some room for negotiation. Together we determine is the bid under what conditions.

Step 7. The reaction

The bid is for the seller and now it's wait and see! Usually follows a rapid response: the bid is accepted, rejected or the seller with a counteroffer. Together we determine the best strategy.

Step 8. Contract signing

Your bid is accepted and the purchase contract is signed. Congratulations! We ensure that all appointments and (dissolving) conditions contained in the contract. Before you sign, we will send the draft deed by which you can take the time to. With any questions, you can of course contact us. The contract is also the date of the transfer.

Step 9. To the notary

The notary draws on all deeds. If you buy the house 'buyer's costs', you determine which notary to be enabled. Of course, you can count on our support and guidance.

Step 10. Evaluation

If you want to take out a mortgage, it is almost always necessary to produce a valuation. This report should be prepared by a qualified appraiser, which is located within 20 kilometres of the property to be valued. Our brokers are accredited appraisers, but as your purchasing agent, we may not prepare you for valuation in this case. However, we have good contacts and agreements with other brokers who can perform the valuation. We will inform you about it.

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