Rent accommodation

Are you looking for a suitable accommodation? Houses & Rooms are at your service. Our staff can efficiently and effectively help you to relieve you of the search process.


Renting a property via Houses & Rooms

You can rent properties via Houses & Rooms which are for short or long-term lease. The houses are usually immediately or at short notice available. Because there is a high demand for rental housing, housing in Houses & Rooms are often rented quickly.

Rent a property through Houses & Rooms 

If Houses & Rooms doesn’t have a property on the website that you are looking for, the staff of Houses & Rooms can help you to find a suitable home on the market. You then give a command at Houses & Rooms and your own real estate agent will get started. What kind of house are you looking for? Are you looking for a house, an apartment or perhaps a houseboat? What conditions apply to qualify for a rental house? What is the monthly rent? Where are the unoccupied properties in a particular city or town?

In this case, you can use as a leasing broker of Houses & Rooms.

You can list your wishes by giving up your profile, then we schedule an appointment at the office to identify your wishes. It is also possible to discuss your wishes with us through telephone. So, we can get to know your wishes better which we target to go find you a suitable home for you as soon as possible.

Houses & Rooms has different methods to find a suitable rental property soon. We can help you with that. How nice isn’t it.

You can expect the following from us:

  •          Houses & Rooms will keep you informed of any suitable offer within your profile;
  •          Houses & Rooms visited with you the property you wanted to visit;
  •          Houses & Rooms advise you on any specific requirements and will advise you on the rent;
  •          Houses & Rooms will guide you through the contract and, in consultation with you see the possibilities contract bidding;
  •          Houses & Rooms carry out an inspection at check-in and check-out of housing, you receive a report of the inspection;
  •          Houses & Rooms provides the keys of the property for entrance to lease.

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