Renting your property safe with Houses & Rooms

Renting your home can also bring risks with it. You want to make sure that a tenant is reliable and that the rent in full and paid on time. Now and in the future. One of the reasons for your property (s) to provide management unburdening.


You do not need to turn on family or friends and you are sure that your property is managed in a professional manner.

Houses & Rooms can provide:

  •          Mediation in finding reliable tenants, screening tenants and income security;
  •          Drafting a clear lease;
  •          The financial management of your property
  •          The technical management of your property;
  •        Preventing leasing risks as a cannabis farm in your home;
  •          Comprehensive (tenants and housing) controls and documentation;

The risks of property rental 

The hiring of a home is not without risks. What do you do when a tenant stopped paying rent? Every year many eviction judgments are pronounced for non-payment. Another possibility is that an (illegal) cannabis is decorated in your home. In the Netherlands are many cannabis plantations found in a property.A property owner is fully liable. It is therefore important that you consider safe renting your property.

Safe rental

One warning is counted as two, is our motto! Each potential tenant is extensively screened by Houses & Rooms. If the outcome is positive, you can close a lease. Periodic checks during the rental period to prevent the establishment of cannabis plantations. Also, potential defaulters will make it faster to build up rent arrears when they are regularly monitored. Moreover, as a landlord everything is recorded in a file, so you cannot be held liable for possible damage. Houses & Rooms offers various control possibilities:

Financi  Financial and Administrative Management

  •          Send a rent bill
  •          Collecting the rent and provide additional financial handlers
  •          provide periodic administrative rent bill
  •          Monitoring payments and rent arrears
  •          Providing memories and if necessary call in a collection agency
  •          Providing rent increases and accompanying written notices thereof
  •          Administration and settlement of advances and cost of services and service matters
  •          Municipal taxes and charges fees to tenants

Technical management

  •          Performing inspection line up at the check-out of the house and inspection
  •          Performing inspection complaints
  •          Perform periodic inspections and preventative if desired
  •          Handling complaints maintenance
  •          Offer maintenance proposals
  •          Quote request, commissioning and monitoring implementation maintenance
  •          Verification of submitted bills
  •          Solving Technical malfunctions

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