Houses & Rooms is an active real estate agency that specializes in renting and leasing, buying and selling and management of properties, apartments and rooms in the region of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen, Haarlem and Hoofddorp.


The founders Dever and Sherina are married and the parents of two sweet daughters. In the past Dever and Sherina bought properties together, they fixed them up and sold or rented them. Through trial and error, they learned a lot. They could tell friends and family a lot about the do's and don'ts regarding the (re) hire and (re) sale of properties. And since Dever and Sherina enjoyed working together, they decided (in the middle of the crisis in 2009!) To open their own real estate agency. With success!


Houses & Rooms is a commercial and social enterprise where the door is open to everyone! Everyone has a moment in life that, for whatever reason, not everything going as planned and where extra attention is required. Finding a job or keeping a job is not always easy. Houses & Rooms takes account of everyone's position and provides these talents the opportunity to use their abilities to the fullest in Houses & Rooms. Houses & Rooms has a strong and loyal team that is willing to think out of the box to find solutions for its customers. deliver reliable results being embraced by employees of Houses & Rooms!

For example, you have found a home through Houses & Rooms and want to rent it, but the date of the rent said about two weeks, but you want to move in at that very moment: Houses & Rooms can help you find temporary housing until your desired home can withdraw. Or for example, you bought a new property and want to sell your old property, but would rather not leave it empty, then Houses & Rooms can take your property on sale, temporarily lease and agree with the tenants to cooperate in visits to your house. There are several roads that lead to Rome!

Our mission: to be accessible to anyone who wants something with homes in the area by ​​buying and selling, renting and rent out and management of them.


Houses & Rooms has a lot of experience, enable fast, thinks with you, gives what you need and is happy to help!

Come visit our office, please call or email us or check our website for more information and our current offer. No question is too crazy. We know a lot and what we don’t know, we look it up on the internet. Simple as that! The daughters of Dever and Sherina are occasionally in the office and they feel at home with Houses & Rooms! Who knows, maybe you will meet them one day. You are always welcome!