Our Packages


Our Packages

Houses & Rooms wants to rent out your home and everything that comes along for you as easy as possible. We offer three different packages of services.

Houses & Rooms Basic

  • mediation

  • inventory property

  • determining gross rent

  • placing ads

  • selecting tenants

  • organize viewings

  • Lease (if desired) draw

  • keys

  • Fee: one month's rent plus 21% TAX

Houses & Rooms Premium

  • Houses & Rooms basic + administrative and financial management

  • Send rent bill

  • Collecting the rent and provide additional financial handlers

  • Provide periodic administrative rent bill

  • Monitoring payments and rent arrears

  • Providing memories and if necessary call in a collection agency *

  • Providing rent increases and accompanying written notices thereof

  • Administration and settlement of advances and cost of services and service matters

  • Municipal taxes and charges fees to tenants

  • Fee: one month's rent plus 21% VAT + 6% of the gross annual rent excluding TAX.

Houses & Rooms Platinum

  • Houses & Rooms Premium + technical management

  • Performing inspection line up at the check-out of the house and inspection

  • Performing inspection complaints

  • Perform periodic inspections and preventative if desired

  • Handling complaints maintenance

  • Bid maintenance proposals (if necessary)

  • Quote request, commissioning and monitoring implementation maintenance

  • Control submitted notes

  • Rectify technical faults

  • Fee: one month's rent plus 21% TAX + 8% of gross annual rent excluding TAX.

  • Excl. Rent bill under repairs

  • Excl. debt collection and legal costs

If you would like to make use of individual services, then this is of course possible in discuss with us. Feel free to contact us via this link.